Nov 11, 2016    MarLiN2 version 1.0 for iOS and MarLiN2 version 2.0 for Android

First release of iOS app and second release of Android app. The iOS app works on iPhones and iPad with iOS >= 9.0. Both versions of the app make use of the new Firebase Cloud Messaging service for delivery of push notifications. For delivery of push notifcations a firmware version of the marLiN2 controller of >= 2.0 is mandatory. Get the apps for for free from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

  Nov 11, 2016    New firmware (marlin2-161111.bin)

Migration from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service in Android app. FCM works differently than GCM and requires an update of the marLiN2 firmware to version 2.0 and an upgrade of the Android app to versions > 1.x. The GCM service originally implemented in firmware 1.x and Android app 1.x is not functional any more.

  Jul 05, 2016    New firmware (marlin2-160705.bin)

Support for push notifications via Android app. Requires marLiN2 ≥ 1.3 from Google Play Store.

  Jun 17, 2016    MarLiN2 for Android, version 1.3

Android app with support for push notifications. Bug fix for program crash on some older Android devices. Get it for free from Google Play Store.

  Apr 28, 2016    First version of firmware (marlin2-160428.bin)

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