mardtb 248x110
Edited on 19-May-2023

Program History

History records start with program version 1.5 (Feb 2002). This document keeps track of the most important bug fixes and program additions.

Version Date Description
16.0 Jun 06, 2019 - REST API added
- Keyword DIRECTORY added in configuration file
15.5 Nov 08, 2018 - Dedicated page for easyymount, simplified
- Support dropped for IuS X-ray source
15.4 Sep 19, 2018 - Several bug fixes
15.3 Aug 07, 2018 - Add support for MetalJet source
- XTAL: move xy directly on mouse click
15.2 Feb 20, 2018 - Various bug fixes for DECTRIS detectors
15.1 Sep 25, 2017 - Grid scan for Crystal Plate Scanner XPS
- VIDEO XFLIP YFLIP added (rotate video)
15.0 Jul 11, 2017 - Support for Crystal Plate Scanner XPS
14.0 May 05, 2015 - Support for Dectris EIGER detectors
13.0 Mar 10, 2015 - Support for Dectris Pilatus detectors
- Dropped support for mar555 flat panel detector
12.0 Jan 20, 2015 - Support for Incoatec IuS generator
11.0 Oct 01, 2014 - Support for fast mar345s scanner
10.4 Jul 04, 2012 - CONFIG: mode YUYV added to VIDEO
10.3 Jun 27, 2011 - CONFIG: SHMEM added to VIDEO - Bug fix in timers (version 10.3.c_ - MARMUX: timeout added in 10.3.g
10.2 Mar 28, 2011 - Recovery procedure implemented in 10.1 had some unforeseen side effects on mar345 behaviour. Bug fix and new implementation of procedure that check wether mar345 scanner is still alive
10.1 Feb 15, 2011 - Recovers automatically from a scanner reboot during data collection by repeating the last exposure and rescanning the image.
10.0 10-Mar-2015 - New video interface using V4L2. Technically, this interface is independent of the video card driver and therefore less restrictions apply for using video cards together with TV-cards.
- CONFIG: VIDEO V4L2 added (this from now on will be the default).
- CONFIG: VIDEO NORM tv-norm INPUT tv-input IDLE seconds added
- CONFIG: VIDEO LIBXV replaces the old internal video model
9.5 Apr 01, 2010 - Bug fixes when using VIDEO EXTERNAL
9.4 Feb 18, 2010 - Erase plate during OPTIMIZE at start of data collection saves time
9.3 Feb 11, 2010 - Command line argument +minmax added
This option prevents users to enter motor target values outside the dtb hardware limits.
9.2 Nov 30, 2010 - CONFIG: CSC CAPTYPE added
9.0 Apr 02, 2009 - New layout in mar colors
- marμX support added (command line or configuration file)
- CONFIG: USE TTL added ⇒ external generator shutter
- CONFIG: INCLUDE filename added
- ALIGN: ADJUST: measure ion. chamber offsets
- General: primary configuration file is mar345dtb.cfg, not config.###
8.1 Dec 05, 2008 - CONFIG: VIDEO EXTERNAL added for supporting martv/tvtime
- ALIGN: PROFILE BEAM also possible for 2nd ion. chamber
7.7 Nov 11, 2008 - HARDWARE: do not automatically initialize motors
when hitting end switch now is the default (option [NO]INITAUTO)
General: fix for free disk space with TB disks
7.6 Apr 02, 2008 - CONFIG: keyword USE SHUTTER added for shutter button on XTAL tab
- XTAL: shutter button with USE SHUTTER
- MOTORS: "Init" buttons added
- EDIT menu: "Use Chi" and "Use wavelength" added
7.5 Jan 23, 2008 CONFIG: keyword UNITS MAXTIME (for mar555 only)
7.4 Oct 30, 2007 - CSC: full easymount with DTB firmware 4.29
7.3 Oct 22, 2007 - DISPLAY: support of "small spot" mode
7.2 Sep 11, 2007 - DISPLAY: support of ~/.marrc
7.1 Mar 19, 2007 - CSC: make number of retries configurable
7.0 Mar 19, 2007 Support of mar555 flatpanel added
6.9 Jan 10, 2007 - HARDWARE: recover from 'Cannot OPEN' shutter
- CRYSTAL: full support of XREC crystal centering
- CSC: retry LOAD/UNLOAD when finding errors 869,896 or 893
6.8 Dec 20, 2006 - HARDWARE: recover from 'Cannot LOCK'
6.7 Nov 8, 2006 - CRYSTAL: shoot photo after image o/p, not at TV
start of scan
- MAIN: command option -t[imeout] added
- MAIN: fix printing of dtb spy output
- HARDWARE: do not automatically initialize motors
when hitting end switch (option HASNOMIMMAX)
6.6 Oct 9, 2006 - CRYSTAL: remove red,green,blue,hue from TV
- EDIT: bug fix for "optiminze after N images/minutes"
- EDIT: set MAD features insensitive by default
6.5 Sep 14, 2006 - DISPLAY: bug fix in Colors window: show "Max" field
- ALIGN: in Optimize, allow larger range of possible slit apertures
- CSC: added 'Configure for mar/Hampton/other caps' in CSC menu
6.4 Aug 15, 2006 - CSC: adapted to XREC 2.0 (EMBL centering software)
- CSC: produce a montage of all photos taken during centering and display on DISPLAY tab
- DISPLAY: supports loading of marCCD 3kx3k images
6.3 Jun 22, 2006 - General: automatically reconnect to dtb or mar345 after network timeout
- MAIN: option "Use MAD features" added to "Edit" menu
- DISPLAY: bug fix when using option "Integrate" while in full display mode
6.2 Apr 27, 2006 - ALIGN: write/read current ADC offsets from dtb.dat
- ALIGN: update current ADC values when switching to ADJUST tab
- MAIN: add command line option --V (show version)
- CRYSTAL: show light buttons also when IGNORE VIDEO (but USE XTAL)
- General: fix ping command when checking for presence off dtb< br>
6.1 Mar 23, 2006 - ALIGN: slit scans in FIND BEAM procedure implemented
- CSC: reset PHI to modulo(180) when doing UNLOAD/LOAD
6.0 Mar 03, 2006 - CONFIG: keyword MAR555 added: control of flatpanel detector from mar345dtb
5.6 Feb 02, 2006 - CONFIG: COMMAND PORT N = TCP/IP-server port on external command interface added
5.5 May 02, 2005 - CSC: pin length now stored as floats
- DISPLAY: drawing of resolution rings at 2-theta fixed
- CONFIG: option USE AUTOMAR added to config file
- CONFIG: START CYCLE sets cycle time to 1000ms at program startup
- CONFIG: CSC METHOD 2 added to configuration file
- ALIGN: ADC Adjust: overwrite defaults in dtb controller when going from 'weak' to 'strong' source
- CSC: bug fix for passing pin length to CSC commands
5.4 Apr 24, 2005 - CSC: separators in CSV file changed from ; to ,
- CSC: added support for EMBL crystal recognition software XREC
- CSC: movement of Z made smaller when recognizing empty images during automatic crystal centering
- EDIT: bug fix in image name path in shell commands
- EDIT: bug fix when saving data collection params: all sets marked Use did not work
5.3 Apr 05, 2005 - CSC: added button to initialize all CSC motors except cRYSTAL Z
5.2 Mar 14, 2005 - CSC: added option Automatic centering if shift corrections fail
- CSC: barcode checking option added on CSC tab
- CRYSTAL: support for 2 TV cards added
5.1 Mar 03, 2005 - CSC: ug fixes when saving CSV files
- CSC: limits for automatic centering added
- CSC: bug fix in operation GIVE
5.0 Feb 24, 2005 - CSC: add option CSC METHOD n to configuration file.
- CSC: add option CSC PHOTOS n to configuration file
- CSC: add option CSC CYCLES n to configuration file
- CSC: add option CSC DPHI <value> to configuration file
- CSC: add option CSC START <value> to configuration file
- CSC: add option CSC ZMAX <value> to configuration file
- MISC: fixed wrong o/p location and name of single scans
- CRYSTAL: fixed Phi rotation by 360 deg.
- STATUS window: add ABORT button
- General: option -nocsc added
4.4 Nov 23, 2004 - CSC: fix option for shift corrections.
- CSC: add option CSC MINSHIFT n to configuration file
- CRYSTAL: fix bugs for writing out png files
- CRYSTAL: fix zoom x 2 for X-servers that support it (e.g. Xorg 6.8)
- PROGRESS: display stored xyz coordinates
- EDIT: fix overlap checks by doing checksums
4.3 Oct 28, 2004 - CSC: shift corrections implemented.
- CSC: fix unknown barcode strings
- CSC: when collecting data with unknown barcode, rename images after barcode becomes available
- CSC: after end off data collection option to save sample in carousel
- CSC: option to drive sample to known xyz after remounting
- CSC: arrows for pin length go to max. 21 mm
- EDIT: more thorough check for overwriting images at start of data collection.
- CRYSTAL: add CRYSTAL X and Y OFFSETS to config-file.
- CRYSTAL: if video overlay doesn't work, draw crosshair as fixed widget.
- CRYSTAL: automatic centering can be made insensitive
- CONFIG: fix core dumps and program loop when reloading config file from within program.
- HARDWARE: tab removed, only accessible from File menu!
- ALIGN: after returning from ADC ADJUST, keep updating beam history
- General: after returning from ADC ADJUST, keep updating beam history
- General: fix first image in SUMMARY and HTML file
4.2 Sep 10, 2004 - General: Don't disable remote control buttons at no time!
4.1 Sep 09, 2004 - EDIT: disable crystal translation (configurable)
- CSC: start data collection after changing sample without recentering: drive motors to targets
- CRYSTAL: when pressing Move on "X", also Y would move: fixed
4.0 Aug 27, 2004 - ALIGN: repeat refinement in FIND BEAM if slit scan ended with slits too wide open
- CSC: fix timing problems during automatic centering
- CSC: show CRYSTAL page when centering
- CSC: drive PHI to start value after centering
- CSC: update xyz positions when moving crystal
- CRYSTAL: check dtb status block for illumination status.
- CRYSTAL: apply separate scales for X and Y and Z.
- MISC: check dtb status block for external shutter status
- General: command interface now also available via TCP/IP sockets by providing a negative command interval in config-file!
3.3.8 Jun 22, 2004 - CONFIG: with STARTUP REMOTE, write REMOTE MASK into dtb
- ALIGN: add OFFSET from ROT_VER and ROT_HOR to refined pos. in beam optimization
- EDIT: in simple layout, don't show CSC section
-General: for CRYSTAL Z, only use ABSOLUTE movements
3.3 May 22, 2004 - General: shoot crystal photos during data collection asynchronously
- General: At program start, get status from illumination unit and set illumination buttons on CRYSTAL page
- CSC: leave CSC motors alone when using ABORT
- MOTORS: added 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9 mm to slit menu
- ALIGN: save beamplot does not longer produce core dump
3.2 May 12, 2004 - General: when starting a scan, the image name has not been built properly: fixed
- General: don't switch to IMAGE page after ABORT
- General: page EDIT and ALIGN swapped positions
- Motor CRYSTAL X changed direction (positive to negative)
- ALIGN: when analyzing slit scans (Beam Shape), don't subtract ADC offset from readings
- CRYSTAL: separate TV window added
- CSC: Find Crystal: shoot photo only if all motors idle
- EDIT: When starting COLLECT, some motors did not move to targets: fixed
- IMAGE: some menu defaults modified
- ALIGN: strong/weak source in menu exchanged
3.1 Mar 25, 2004 - ALIGN: fixed core dumps when printing messages
- ALIGN: take defaults for ADC offsets from config
3.0 Feb 18, 2004 - New layout using notebook style
- Add support for Cryogenic Sample Changer (CSC)
- Built-in video support to monitor crystal
- Add support of external command interface
- Fixed calculation of resolution rings for 2-theta > 0
2.2.0 Jun 18, 2003 - Add support for sample changer motors (USE CSC or USE XTAL)
- Add support for IP center corrections (USE CENTER)
- Add sound support (SOUND <command>)
- Add support for 32-bit calibration files
- Add window for crystal centering
- Implement fast optimization and beamsearch procedure (OPTIMIZE FAST THRESHOLD 75)
- Fix double move problems (in particular for slits)
- Fix initialization of slits and "don't drive"
- Initialization at NEAR end is default for most motors
- Fix update of run parameters during data collection
- Fix blue and rainbow color schemes in Image Display
- Speed up referencing of PHI
- Interrupt data collection if X-rays go away (USE XRAY)
- When interrupting data collection, take current PHI into set
- Check that CHI=0 for data collection
- Add command line argument --admin
- "Save spiral" removed from Edit (only with --admin)
1.7.4 Sep 30, 2002 - Edit window: don't show current motor position for XTAL
- Align window: don't add 0.005 to motor positions
- Alignment: disallow to adjust ADC's 1 and 2 simultaneously
1.7.3 Sep 09, 2002 - Always start showing Set 1 in Edit window
1.7.2 Aug 20, 2002 - Fix malloc error when pressing "Disable Remote Control" button
- Fix option menu for "Target" in Align - Manual Move
1.7.1 Jul 02, 2002 - Write program PID into dtb.lock and check at next program start
- Add keyword OPTIMIZE RANGE <hor> <ver>
- Add keyword ADC VARIANCE LOW <low> HIGH <high>
- Fix accepting WAVELENGTH from config. file
- Make CRYO button of Local Motor Control configurable
i.e. add keywords REMOTE BEAMSTOP | PHI ...
- Make CRYO button of Local Motor Control configurable
- Optimize BEAM: check beam in 1. chamber before optimizing 2.
- Allow for incomplete beam peak in beam search and optimization
- Handle endswitches for dtb motors: automatic reinitialization
1.6.2 Apr 5, 2002 - Shell commands now functional
1.6.1 Apr 4, 2002 - Output of mar.spy fixed. Problem introduced with 1.5.6!
- Division by 100 for ADC-values in "Remote Control"-window removed.
1.6.0 Mar 20, 2002 - Remote control support added
- Allow still exposures (no PHI movement)
1.5.7 Mar 11, 2002 - Data collection does not stop any more at transition of PHI-reading < 360 to > 360 degrees.
1.5.6 Feb 27, 2002 - Help button in menu-bar of Display, Edit and Align window added
1.5.5 Feb 25, 2002 - Documentation added