marLiN2 - Electronic Scale and LN2 Refill System

  • marlin2 system

    marLiN2 Refill System

  • marlin2 schematics

    marLiN2 Schematics

  • marlin2 Controller (front)

    marLiN2 - Controller front panel

  • marlin2 Controller (back)

    marLiN2 - Controller back panel

  • marlin2 Electronic Scale

    marLiN2 - High precision electronic scale with steerable wheels

  • marlin2 Dewars

    Supply dewar and dewar for cryo-cooler operation

  • marlin2 mobile app for Android

    Mobile app (Android)

  • marlin2 iOS app

    Mobile app (iOS)

  • marlin2 desktop app

    Desktop app

  • marlin2 web app

    Web app

  • marlin2 Valve

    Solenoid valve suitable for very low temperatures

  • marlin2 Fittings

    Fittings on dewar for cryo-cooler operation

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